Sound and Performance

Our motto is simple. Pure. Sweet. Tone. It defines our goals, creations, dedication and the end result of what we do at HipKitty Products. 

With propietary transformers, hand selected premium tubes and simple yet flexible circuits, only the purest, sweetest tones are found with our amplifiers.

           Pure. Sweet. Tone.  




All of our tube amplifiers are built using turret board construction.  All components and wiring is done by hand in a point-to-point construction method. This maintains solid durability for a lifetime of trouble free used and travel.

Our cabinets are made in the U.S.A. using Baltic Birch wood with finger joint contruction.  Our cabinets are the only build item made outside of our shop.

All of our amplifiers are hand built from the turret board component layout to the lead dress (wire) to the installation into our U.S.A. made cabinets


We use only the best parts. Our amplifier transformers are custom made to our specifications. All resistors and capacitors used fall within 5% tolereance from our prototype designs; in some cases within 1%.


The vacuum tubes in our amplifiers are hand selected for the best tones and the lowest noise. Each tube has been tested and burned in and then retested before being chosen. All output tubes are matched, installed and then the amplifier is biased for the absolute best sound and performance.


Each amplifier carries our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Circuit Design

Each amplifier circuit design is created by extensive R & D (research and development) with an emphasis on the development of original circuit design and specific tonal goals. No copies here. Sure, they may look similar to other tube amplifiers at first look. But up close and plugged in, similarities disappear.