The HipKitty Limited Lifetime Warranty

How to use the Limited Lifetime Warranty


If your HipKitty amplfier or pedal is being problematic, shoot us an email at:


Let us know exactly what is happening. Include the when, how and where the trouble occurs. Also include the unit's serial number or date of purchase in the email. We will respond with a few questions and suggestions. If you submit a phone number with the email, we will most likely call you direct to go over a solution.


If it has been determined by us that the unit needs to be shipped in for evaluation and repair, we will send over an Returns Authorization Number (RA#) and directions to follow for repair submittal. We do not accept any returns without an assigned RA#.



Section Title

At HipKitty Products, we build our amplifiers and pedals to last a lifetime. Standing behind that belief, all of our amplifiers and pedals carry our Limited Lifetime Warranty.


The best way to clarify what is included, what is not and any time restrictions is to break it down to those three catagories.


First 30 Days


Everything is covered except the shipping fees for returns and any repair/replacement required from intentional tampering, circuit alterations or misuse. In other words, if something fails with an amplifier or pedal by fault of manufacture or premature component failure, only the cost of shipping is the responsibility of the owner. If the owner tampers, modifies, alters or improperly operates one of our amplifiers or pedals, the owner is responsible for the repair or replacement and shipping of the unit. This can include but not limited to improperly biasing an amplifier, substituting incorrect vacuum tubes, applying incorrect voltages (power), and of course, any circuit tampering.


What is covered


Any portion of the circuit layout. This includes all components and lead dress on an amplifier turret board or pedal component board. It also includes all transformers and tube sockets.


Up to a 5 year period from purchase, all jacks, potentiometers, capacitors, illumination bulbs and switches are covered.


What is not covered


Any direct physical damage to an amplifier, pedal, chassis, enclosure, knob(s), jack, switch, power light, tolex or finish. This includes internal damage caused by improper handling, improper cord removal or insertion, and incorrect powering.


Shipping of a return is not covered.


Any alteration of lead dress (wiring) and/or circuitry will cause loss of warranty coverage.