HipKitty Repair Services

HipKitty Products offers guitar repair, modification and professional setups.


We have a long history and reputation of getting guitars setup and playing at a top professional level, regardless of brand and quality level...with the exception of severley twisted necks.


With a background of working for one of the most well known guitar manufacturers in the world and working with artists based in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles, our lutherie service is world class quality. 



The fractured heel and poor repair (with Gorilla Glue) in the picture to the left was turned over to us to "finish"...we did and the client was ecstatic to have his beloved acoustic back in playable condition. He once thought it was destined for the fireplace or trashbin (see the repaired guitar in the bottom left picture).


Please contact us for further details or questions.

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HipKitty Products offers vacuum tube amplifier and guitar maintenance, repair and modification services on an indivually scheduled basis.



We keep our amplifier mainenance, repair and modification services limited to vacuum tube amplifiers to keep repair times and fees down to reasonable levels.


Some of these services innclude:


*Correct bad modifications

*Fix blown/outdated components and wiring

*Re-Tube and Rebias

*Capacitor Replacement (Cap Job)

*Master Volume Installation

*Effect Loop Installation

*Noise Reduction

*PCB to Turret Board Conversion (some models are excluded from this option)



Please contact us for further details or questions.